Led By Her

Website for entrepreneur women

Led By Her is an association to help the reinsertion of women through entrepreneurship. The aim was to lauch a new platform to connect women entrepreneurs with experts to help them in their projects.
My goal was to think about new graphic guidelines and define new UI.

Design process

User interviews

As we started, delays were shorts and UX design was a little part in the design process. So I tried to know more about users & stakeholders in leading interviews. Outputs were that stakeholders wanted a website to reflect their values and their engagement and users wanted an easy to use website. Obviously, many functionalities were discussed as a forum, profil page infos, rating …

Userflow & wireframes

Next the interviews, I had enough datas to build my interfaces. I started to sketch my screens and to transform it into wireframes. I used sketch + invision to have links interactions between screens.

I also created a userflow to be sure to share same ways to think about the architecture with stakeholders. After looking for a software to make user flows, I tested the Overflow app in sketch. It was for me the better way to use it

User interfaces design

Complying with brand guidelines was my only instruction. Before beginning the UIs, I started with a visual benchmark on what can ben used to highlight feminism and stakeholders values.

My first proposal was very different from Led by her’s habits : I created illustrations in accordance with brand guidelines to have a powerfull impact and to reflect client values. I was also a way to have a more up-to-date graphic design.

My second proposal uses pictures to be closer to the actual website. That’s the one stakholders choose.