Mon Assistant Personel (MAP)

Challenge : Improve Pole emploi counselor’s experience with jobseekers


Attached to the French Government, Pôle emploi is an entity that allows unemployed people to benefit from financial assistance and support in finding a job. It also helps companies to submit job offers. In order to reduce unemployement, Pôle emploi has a website but also many agencies where job seekers meet counselors to be helped in their professional career.
One of the projects I worked on at Pôle emploi was MAP (Mon Assistant Personnel / My Personal Assistant). MAP is the plateform used by councelors when they need to access someone’s folder to know his fianancial and job situation.
The goal of the project was to build a new plateform for councelor to improve time spent during job seekers’interviews, to get recommandations on what job this seeker can do and to track his tasks activity.


Because of its political dimension (French Government), the challenge was to involve all stakholders in the process with users to design the new plateform.


11 months (Sep. 2016 - Jul 2017)


Lead UI designer

  • 5 Business Owners
  • 2 Product Managers
  • 2 UX designers
  • 1 UI designers
  • 1 frontend developer
  • 15 Developers
  • 4 Users

Design question

How to optimize counselors job during a job seeker’s interviews ?

Legacy overview

The advisor software was a tool that was no longer in line with the needs of counselors and job seekers. The finding: it was wasting time adviser, it was not connected with the other Pôle emploi tools and therefore did not back enough information on the job seeker's situation.

Design sprint in 4 days

  1. 1. Understand : profils & personas

    At the start of the sprint, we set a long term goal : build a counselors app which provide them crucial informations and optimize time during a job seeker’s interview. After we have defined our long term goal, we mapped out our user journey. It’s important to understand who users are, that’s why we defined 3 councelors profiles from where we build 5 personas (with additional informations from UX studies realized earlier).

  2. 2. Ideate : design review, crazy 8

    First of all, a design review was necessary to open people’s mind to what can be a dashboard. During this 15 people workshop, I tried to evaluate their digital maturity and to generate a shared understanding of competitor designs, identify challenges, opportunities and questions from the team. Then we did a crazy 8 on diffrent app items.

  3. 3. Big idea and decide

    We draw a detailed end to end solution of the entire app together so each page was a mutual validation.

  4. 4. Prototype & test

    Now I got enough datas to create my first proposal, I created wireframes and presented them during a focus group with users to evaluate the relevance of the design.


Graphic design

One year before this project, the graphic team and I defined new graphic guidelines for the main site:, so in order to be coherent I needed to respect new guidelines on this project but I choose to have my primary color different.

Colors of (job seekers part)

Our primary palette is comprised of red, black and gray.

Colors of MAP (councelor app)

Our primary palette is comprised of red, black and gray.


I almost exclusively used Roboto across the app as it was used to in the main website.

Project Learnings

MVP in an Safe methods needs flexibility

MAP was at the beginning a MVP project. So i


The 2 proposals of the homepage I made was essential to know on what graphic direction stakeholders wanted their project. So once they choose, I could really continue to work on the graphic UI.