Pôle emploi

French National Agency for Employment

Attached to the French government, Pôle emploi is an entity that allows unemployed people to benefit from financial assistance and support to find a job. The site also has a part for professionals allowing them to submit their job offers and manage the administrative part of the employees.
One of the projects I worked on at Pôle emploi was the graphical redesign of the website thinking user.

Role: Lead UI designer, UX designer & frontend develop in 80 people team
Main contributed in UI design & participated in ideation and wireframing. Developed the UI interfaces.

Made in Capgemini



Brainstorming & ideation

BRAINSTORMING – During the brainstorming, stakeholders already knew colors they wanted : red for unemployed people website part and green for compagnies part. Keywords were : up-to-date, easy to use and accessible. That last point was really important.

IDEATION – I participated to several workshops as contributor to help groups to define a vision and model an idea. From user interviews to design sprints to design studio, data we collected was enough to design wireframes.

Wireframes, user tests & design

WIREFRAMES – Wireframes were a way to ensure stakeholders’ vision and to conduct user tests. Several iterations was made to get the final site.

USER TESTS – Through user tests, we found out how users were using the website.  The fact is that pole-emploi.fr is used by everyone: old people, students, people with disabilities, people who never use computer , illiterate people…. So we need to simplify the ergonomy and to add lot of help blocks to ensure the way they have to use the website.

UI DESIGN – Setting up the new graphic guidelines of the website in using more visuals, lighter icons, adaptive fonts…
One of my goals was to create new landing pages to « sell » services. So I decided to use mockups to highlight services and to put them in situation in using photographies. Another way to create attractive landing pages was to use short descriptions in using action verbs for exemple.
Landing pages should have dynamic layouts, that’s why I used a particular structure and call to action buttons.

Frontend development & accessibility

For the technical redesign, I participated to develop a framework and creating a design system. We based the framework on Bootstrap for the responsive grid and its components. In accordance with the regulations, the team and I had to comply with accessibility standards on both design and frontend development.